Do Yourself a “Favor”

Who thought we’d be dealing with COVID 19 for so long? As venues set up new strategies for keeping guests and staff safe, you too can add to the effort. While being respectful of the seriousness of this virus, it’s not a bad thing to show your sense of humor with custom face masks for your guests as a favor. EZ Print Canvas offers custom printing with bulk pricing. When you consider a design, make sure it’s something that will be useful for multiple days, rather than something with your wedding date plastered on their face. Think perhaps of a scene from your favorite vacation spot, or a map of where you’re from, a list of your favorite movies or songs in all different sized fonts, or a photo of your pets. Something that will bring people joy.

A mini swag bag consisting of hand sanitizer, wipes and a mask would be a perfect little travel gift for your guests, either as a favor or as their check in bag at the hotel. You can get creative from here, that’s for sure! At least you have some different options that wedding couples never had to consider in the past. Go make your lemonade out the lemons and let us see what you come up with!