Don’t Rush to do the latest trend

Think it through before you snag up a current trend

So here we are in our 6th month of dealing with the terrible COVID pandemic. We’re all a little cranky from having to re-schedule weddings and major events. So I figured this was as good a time as any to express some frustrations with wedding ideas.

I always tell wedding couples not to be drawn in by what they see on social media before thinking it all the way through. The latest trend I read about are these nice little beverage carts. It was suggested that you would forego having a bar server, thereby saving a few bucks and have a little cart for guests to serve themselves. Meanwhile the photo had a lovely little glass decanter of fresh lemonade to go with several bottles of bourbon. Who refills that little decanter? Who wipes up the sticky lemonade that drips down the side of the decanter and draws flies into the lemonade? Who re-stocks the glassware and replenishes the ice? A bar server!!!! While these little carts look lovely, they should only be considered if they are going to be tended to properly. If you’re spending the money on something that looks really nice, why allow it to become a mess?

While we’re talking about messes, let’s talk about The Pie Bar. It looks so awesome when you first see all of those delicious pies lined up. After the first 20 people plow through it, your pie bar looks like slop. It’s simply not possible to serve whole pies and keep them looking nice, unless you pre-plate the slices and not too many people want that! Consider an adorable hand pie or pie pop. These can be surrounded by baskets of fresh fruits that represent each pie type (apples, blueberries, strawberries, lemons). Your guests will love them and your pie bar will look clean throughout the evening.

It looks like I can’t stop myself from discussing one more thing that drives me mad. Sparklers. If you’re considering doing this, please put on a really nice dress and go outside with your Fiance. Light the sparklers and wave them around like you’re having a great time and then let us know how many pin holes are in your dress. Even though you might be careful in the future after reading this, there’s no telling what the person next to you is going to do. Bottom line is, unless you think it’s okay to have your guests ruin their good clothes, don’t do sparklers.

I promise next month will be more upbeat! Stay posted!!