Don’t Sweat it!!

Today we’re going to talk about the stinky side of weddings! Arizona weddings can be a bit on the warm side, depending on what month your wedding is taking place.  Time is spent talking about having lipstick, dental floss, a needle and thread, a compact, hairspray and pins, but we don’t address more obvious issues like how to manage sweat. Sure, it’s a gross topic, but it’s a real one!

If you’re doing a first look and group photos before the wedding, for Pete’s sake, buy two shirts and bring a spare pair of socks for the Groom. Change into a fresh shirt and socks just before the ceremony and you’ll feel like a new man!

If you’re doing all of your photos after the ceremony, you may want to consider changing before your wedding party introduction into the reception. This way you’ll be fresh and dry for the reception.

Ladies, buy a small cooler and pack it with a small ice block wrapped in a wash cloth. Just before you head out to do your first look pics, have your Maid of honor pack a large Zip lock bag with ice and a fresh wash cloth. When you get overheated, you can place the ice block in your arm pits (not joking) and take the iced down wash cloth to blot the back of your neck and forehead.  You won’t believe how much better this will make you feel. If you have time to get out of your dress before the ceremony for just a few minutes, do it! Take five minutes to ice down your feet and put them up. You’ve got a long night ahead of you being on your feet. Take a change of shoes for during the reception in case your feet start to hurt.

Providing a basket of colorful flip flops for your guests to change out of those heels is a nice gesture too.

So that’s the low down on the big stink. Stay cool and hydrated and hopefully I’ll see you soon at Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa!