What About the Veil!?

Photo Credit- Robert Godridge

What about the veil? Do you NEED one? Do you WANT one? Here are some tips to help you out.

  1. If you are unsure about whether or not you want a veil, try and tap into your wedding vibes. Are you getting married on the beach where the wind will stick the veil to your lip gloss? Are you getting married in a church and wanting a cathedral veil?
  2. Make sure if your veil has embellishments that they are placed properly. If the bust of your dress is sparkly and beautiful, but so is your veil, make sure to have the sparkles at different lengths so neither one gets lost in all THAT SHINE!
  3. Different types of sparkles will photograph differently. For example: a rhinestone will shoe up dark and a crystal will capture light and be bright in pictures.
  4. You must be super careful with heirloom veils. Many times a brides wants to wear her grandmothers veil, but it has yellowed out some. Please do not risk ruining the veil by dying or bleaching it. It is much too valuable.
  5. Speaking of yellowing..your veil doesn’t have to mach your dress completely. If you want to wear your grandmothers yellowing veil with your white or ivory dress then go for it. Just make sure your veil compliments your dress in someway.
  6. Don’t forget to snap a picture of you from the back.As beautiful as you may feel looking in a mirror, you want to make sure you will just as beautiful with those shots from behind.
  7. Now that you have picked out the perfect veil, what are you going to do with it? Do you have a blusher (that piece that goes over your face)? Will your fiance lift the blusher or will someone else? Will you be wearing your veil during pictures? During the first look? All night? These are last minute questions that may pop up and cause a smidge of unwanted panic.
  8. Ohhhh, what about a veil with layers! I love the idea of having a long veil for the ceremony and convert it into a short veil for the first dance and/or reception.
  9. If a veil just inst you SKIP IT. No one says you have to even wear one.
  10. If you do decide to wear a veil, coat the comb in hairspray to ensure it had a great stick. Last thing you want is to walk outside and have it blow off and away in the wind.

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