Wedding Trends of 2018

What you need to know for your 2018 wedding:
Vibe Over Palette– Instead of starting off your wedding planning by choosing colors, choose your vibe. Choose the way you want your weeding to look and THEN incorporate colors.
Statement Place Cards– A super big trend this year is to give your guests a creative way to find their seats. Something Instagram worthy is sure to get your guests talking right away.
Asking for Cash– I know I know, it still feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to! These are modern times and most couples already live together before getting married. There are websites that you can register on that have categories for putting cash into whether it’s for your honeymoon or a down payment on a house.
Balloons– Balloons floating over you tables or behind any backdrop are a great cost-effective and whimsical way to decorate your wedding. Have fun with balloons or different sizes and colors. The best part about decorating with balloons is they come in every color!
Forego the Favor– Instead of spending a bunch of money on a little favor that will most likely go in the trash eventually anyways, spend that money on an experience. Maybe you bring in a special performer, a retro photobus, or even a magician! Your guests are going to remember the unique “thing’ you had at your wedding vs a bobble that was at their place setting. Excite your guests with unexpected entertainment!
First Look & Wedding Parties– Like I said earlier, we are living in modern times. There is no reason you can’t have bridesmen or a groomsmaids! We have been seeing grandparents as the flower girls & ring bearers. You can do a first look with people than your soon-to-be husband/wife. Have a first look with your family members one by one and have your photographer capture off of these special moments.
Signature Eats– I LOVE this trend. You have heard of signature drinks right? Well, signature eats is basically the same concept but with food. You can do this during cocktail hour or even for dinner.
Passed Cake Bites & Hand Painted Cakes– Hand painted cakes are STUNNING and so customizable. Passed cake bites are the answer to everyone’s cake dilemma. Half of the time your guest’s font even know the cake was cut or didn’t get a piece. With bite sized pieces of cake you can get all of your favorite flavors in and don’t need a huge cake.
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