Love that Canine Couture

With Gold Canyon being a dog friendly resort, we thought we’d show a little love to our canine guests.     If you’re considering having your dog in your wedding, make sure someone other than a member of the wedding party is in charge of your pup right up until it’s time to process down the aisle. We provide ice water to our pups, but be prepared if you’re going elsewhere. Keep your pup in the shade until the last minute so that they stay cool as long as possible before standing on the concrete pad for the ceremony.

What to wear?? We’ve seen some adorable tuxedo vests for male dogs. The girls are always willing to wear a custom collar and leash incorporating the wedding colors and style. If you’re not the creative type, look on Etsy for custom dog wear. Also, you might try to ask your wedding seamstress is she will do it, or if she has a referral for you. We’ve shown you a good example below.

If you’re worried about your pup getting all antsy for the procession, or burning their paws during the ceremony, consider a wagon all decked out in your wedding colors. There are so many gorgeous silk flowers and greenery these days, that you could make a gorgeous custom wagon to be a real show stopper. Place a cooling bed on the bottom of the wagon for your pup to sit on. You’ll want to practice this many times before expecting them to feel comfortable with riding in a wagon!

When the ceremony is over, make sure your designated dog watcher gets your pup into the shade or air conditioning with a refreshing bowl of water. You’ll want to decide ahead of time if you’d like your dog to attend the reception, or if they should retire to their room. Having the dog watcher on hand is a saving grace if the pup has had enough after the ceremony. The bridal party will need to be on hand for photos, so let the dog watcher take the pup back to the room if need be. The goal is to make them happy and comfortable without you having to worry about it.