It’s a Toast, not a roast!!

A few months ago, I attended a wedding that had a very awkward moment during the toast. The Maid of Honor gave a speech and then proceeded to ask the groom to dance with her to the song “I loved you first”.  Needless to say, this was horrible for everyone attending.

Having been in this business for years, I’ve seen my fair share of awkward & embarrassing toasts.

We’ve seen the groomsmen who has had a little too much to drink and can’t stay on topic, or tells very embarrassing tales. Then there is the Maid of honor who wants to tell every story about your friendship since the age of two. Meanwhile, the guests are bored to tears and you are paying for this!

 There is nothing wrong with giving toasts at the rehearsal dinner to avoid this kind of thing happening at the wedding. It’s also okay to  ask a neutral person to check all prepared toasts to be sure they are appropriate. If you are suspect to something going awry, speak with your DJ and ask him to intervene if you give him the signal. This is why Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa only uses All Pro Dj’s as their professional emcee crew. They know how to deal with these situations is a discrete and professional way.

It’s not like this happens at every wedding, but I’ve seen enough (at some really nice weddings) to bring it to your attention. It’s important for your wedding party to understand the meaning of the toast.

It’s a toast, not a roast!