The Wedding Budget

The first challenge of wedding planning- the dreaded B-U-D-G-E-T, but where do you even start? Here is a breakdown that will hopefully help you out:

  • Where is the money coming from? On average the brides parents cover 44% (Reception), the Grooms Parents cover 13 % (Rehearsal Dinner & Honeymoon, and you cover 43% (all other things). you CANNOT assume anyone but yourselves will be paying for your wedding though. It is best to be open and honest with your family members and have a talk about if they are able to contribute anything to the wedding. If they can’t commit to a certain number, maybe they can pay for something specific like the flowers. If nobody can contribute, at least you know up front and can better plan for your budget.
  • What does the average wedding cost? The average wedding in the United States cost $35,000. I did say AVERAGE so if you are in New York you are looking more towards $78,000 whereas if you are in Arkansas is closer to $15,000.
  • How do you know how much should be spend on what?
  • *As a general rule of thumb about 60% of your budget will go to your venue. For this high percentage the venue should include the food, and possibly alcohol and/or vendors. All venues will be different as far as what they include so be sure to ask every one that you tour for what is included in the price. You also need to ask about if tax and service chargers are included. 15% should go to your photographer. Remember these are the pictures that you will have for your entire life, you do not want to look back and wish you spend that extra $500-$1000 for pictures that really capture your day. 15% will go towards attire, this includes any alterations as well. Keep about 10% of your budget for those unexpected things that come up…which they will.
  • What should you NOT skimp on? Lets face it, this is a big day for both you and your fiance…but it really your big day. Don’t skimp on the things that are going to make you feel most beautiful. Don’t skimp on the hair, the makeup, or the dress.
  • How do you save for a wedding? Think about your everyday like and start adding things up. Can you start making your coffee at home instead of the daily Starbucks run? Can you eat more at home (win win, save money and fit better into your dress)?, you can also choose your wedding date to be a day other than a Saturday or do a brunch wedding.

Get your budget done and out of the way so the real fun of planning your wedding can start! Happy planning!!!
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