The Do’s & Dont’s of an Adult Only Wedding

So you want your wedding to be adults only, but don’t know how to go about letting everyone know. It can be uncomfortable if you are worried about hurting peoples feelings.
The Don’t  -Do NOT put on the formal invitations “Adults Only”
The Do -Do address the invitation correctly. If you do not want children at the wedding, only address the invitation to the adults in the home. Another way to do this is to pre-fill the R.S.V.P card and have them check off who will be attending.
The Don’t –Do NOT invite some children and not others. This will only cause people to feel like they are being treated unfairly
The Do –It is okay to invite only the children that are in the wedding party and/or children over a certain age
The Don’t– Wait until after someone brings their child to your adult only wedding to address the issue
The Do -If you know someone who is still planning to bring their child to the wedding make a phone call to them and explain why you are having your wedding be adults only
The important thing to remember when it comes to an adults only wedding is that this is your vision of your big day. People should respect what you want and if they don’t, then they don’t need to be at your wedding anyways. If you want to be the hero and still have an adult only wedding then you can spring for the babysitting rooms and hire a sitter for everyone kiddos. Don’t let anyone bully you and STAND YOUR GROUND PEOPLE!
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