7 Steps to Finding your Florist

Photo Credit: http://www.munsterrose.com/

Ah Flowers, how do you find the perfect florist for your vision and your budget? Here are some steps to help you do just that!
Step One: Figure out just what your floral style/vision is. There is multiple tests online that can help you figure that out.
Step Two: Determine just what you need; what does your ceremony site (Alter, Rows, unity table), cocktail hour site, and reception site look like? How many centerpieces will you need? Does the cake need flowers? How many in the bridal party? How grand do you want your bouquet?
Step Three: Create a floral budget. Just HOW much are you willing to spend on flowers? Which flowers are in season during your wedding?<–That will play a huge part in your budget.
Step Four: Get Recommendations. These days you don’t just have to rely on word of mouth recommendations, you can ask social media! People everywhere will give you recommendations and then you can stalk blogs and Instagrams of your favorites to pick a few finalists.
Step Five: Schedule interviews with your finalist florists about 9-11 months before the big day and pick about 3-5 to talk to. When you go, always bring examples of your vision of both the ceremony site, reception site, and bouquets. A florist may have something totally different in their mind than what you do in yours.
Step Six: Get proposals from each florist with high and low package details so you can compare and find the best fit for you.
Step Seven: Select your WINNER!!!
See you Soon!