Eight Ceremony Rules to Break

  1. The order in which you have your wedding is completely up to you. Some couples are having cocktail hour first!
  2. The Unity Candle and Unity Sand are still beautiful, but couples are branching out.  Some of the new types of unity are the Unity Rose and the Unity Beer…Black and Tan anyone?
  3. Not everyone dreams of walking down the aisle with their father. Who says you have to stick with the tradition of your dad being your escort? Let whoever you feel would be the best fit do this, it is your day and times are a-changin!
  4. Canon in D for the bridal processional? How about Kesha “Past Lives”? There is nothing traditional about tradition anymore. People walk down the aisle to every type of music out there.
  5. This is my FAVORITE rule to break! Kids do not need to be flower girls and ring bearers. Half of the time they don’t make it down the aisle anyways because all of the strangers staring at them freak them out. Have grandma and/or grandpa be your flower girl and/or ring bearers. It will tickle them pink to be involved 🙂
  6. Weddings are traditionally fancy events, but more and more weddings are going for that rustic feel where their guests do not need to be SO buttoned up. If you don’t want everyone to be super fancy make sure to put that on your invitation.
  7. This is one been in existence for a while now, but writing your own vows is considered mainstream now and I love it.
  8. Last, but never least, you do not need a professional officiant, but I always recommend one. Friends and family officiated are great, but mistakes are ALWAYS made, trust me, i’ve seen a lot of wedding performed by both friends and professionals.

That’s it for this week folks! See you soon!