Creative Catering Ideas

The ever changing ways of catering…what will you do to make your wedding stand out from all others?
The most popular catering trend of 2018 is a Signature Eats. What is this? Think signature drink, but food. Maybe the bride loves sushi and the groom loves barbecue. Instead of the traditional chicken and steak options, your guests will have a choice of the brides favorite (sushi) or the grooms favorite (barbecue). If the dinner Signature Eats is a little too out there for you then consider doing this during cocktail hour with hors d’ oeuvres.
Another super fun trend of 2018 is the Satellite Bar. The is a secondary bar that is reserved for a special drink. This could be the couples signature drinks or it could be something like a tequila bar. If you are having a brunch wedding this could be a bloody mary or mimosa bar with all the fixings.
Have you ever been to a wedding and completely missed the cake cutting and cake itself? I have and it is always a bummer. A great way to make sure everything at least gets to eat the cake is to do passed bite sized pieces of cake. You can pass these on the dance floor and through the reception venue just like your servers would during cocktail hour. Speaking of cake, who says you have to serve “normal” flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet? If you LOVE pumpkin get a pumpkin cake. Couples are even having flavors like Green Tea & Fig.
This is my personal favorite trend of 2018, The Spiked Dessert. If you are having a summer wedding wedding what better way to bring life tot he party than some boozy snow cones? Yum! There are also boozy brownies and cakes and probably whatever else you can think of.
There you have it, 2018 Creative Catering Ideas.
See You Soon!