The Average Cost of a Wedding

Here it is people, the national average of the cost of a wedding. Drumroll please…….$33,391. That is down a smidge from last year! This may be due to couples not wanting the huge grand weddings and going more for the casual guest experience weddings. Remember this is the average, with Manhattan being the most expensive at almost $77,000 on average.
Here is what last years couples were doing:

  • 25% were destination
  • The most popular wedding colors were: ivory, champagne, dark blue, and gold (getting away from the rose gold). Why!? I love it!
  • The mos popular month to get ENGAGED was December
  • The most popular month to get MARRIED was September

Here are a few helpful averages:

  • Average age to get married is 29 for brides and 30.9 for grooms
  • Average price of a wedding dress is only $1,509
  • Average number of guests is down to 136 guests
  • Average number in the bridal party is 5 people on each side
  • Average length of an engagement is 14 months

If you are confused on how, who, and when to tip, check out this helpful cheat sheet
See you soon!